Self Portraits

profile_1On this first portrait I really tried to overdo the effect and it turned into some abstract piece that feels much like it was finger-painted by a child (me).

First I used a posterize adjustment to a level 10 then with curves I adjusted only the input to 145 around the center of the x axis of the graph to draw emphasis to the colors and darken the shadows. Lastly using liquidate I brushed the image in circles and the back the other way to make my appearance even more indistinguishable.

profile_2.jpgFirst I lowered the brightness to -35 and raised the contrast to 44 after deciding that I didn’t want to make this one entirely abstract. I then ¬†changed the photo filter to cyan without preserving luminosity. Lastly using the dust and scratches option under noise to threshold:8 and a radius of 35. Initially I thought it would add dust and scratches until i realized it sort of blurs scratches and dust away and it just looks like I softened the photo.

profile_3I changed the Hue + Saturation to Saturation -40 and lightness -5 just to give myself a better base to work with. I applied the B & W filter at the “darker” preset . I added noise in Guassian distribution at 25% on a monochromatic scale. I went for a slightly grainy effect and wanted to make sure you couldn’t see the whites of my eyes well.



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