Visual Review: Music Video

Kadebostany’s Castle in The Snow is a unique video that consists, for the most part, of a single camera movement, a pan, around a single subject, the lead singer of Kadebostany.

The music video starts with an overhead shot in black and white of a woman surrounded by what looks like shards, she rotates 90 degrees from 3 o’clock to a 12 o’clock position. The next shot is of a projection behind a pillar that shatters into what resembles the shards in the shot before; additionally a burst of focused light points to the top middle third of the frame. The entirety of the music video is in black and white for the duration.

In the succeeding shot the silhouette of the lead singer of Kadebostany is shown and the camera rotates around her along the same orbit for the rest of the music video. The source of light that was making her silhouette a focused light pointing right up toward the top half of her body. She is positioned in the center of the frame but interestingly there was an active choice to use a more cinematic aspect ratio with narrow black bars at both the bottom and top of the screen. About halfway through the rotation the source of light changes to one that speckles light onto her black dress. When the drums are introduced in the song the lights match the rhythm and flash independently from each other onto her. Before the song really gets going the light, of which there are three, dim before displaying an array of different patterns onto the subject.

There are a lot of specific choices with light in this that if nothing else should give a lot of inspiration to someone who is looking at it from a cinematic perspective. There are so many different angles used in the lighting and just as many different styles of lighting that have a strong effect with the music and independently from the music. While the camera moves are simple and fairly steady. The use of lights flashing in varied rhythms are a strong indicator of how important lighting is. There is lighting that flashes quickly and sporadically that, with the help of a small wind machine, the creators were able to give a very intense sense of motion. The camera moving at the same speed it had been moving at with only a change in the lighting is the technique used throughout this music video.

Although there are too many images to go over in under 500 words there is also another technique i learned from this video when I watched it a couple years ago. Transitioning with/without light. The use of light can be beneficial when transitioning from one bright scene to the next or, as demonstrated here, from a dark shot to another dark shot.  Occasionally the light would be pointed directly at the camera and the transition would happen there where only light filled the screen. The dark shots as transitions are what impress me more because there are far more blatant, and it isn’t as if they were transitioning from a black screen to another black screen, the transitioned from a low lit scene to another low lit scene. The change in what was on the screen is visible but also ignored because of how the timing allowed the dark shot to transition.


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